Top 7 Home remedies to get Rid from FLU

Flu Remedies

Flu Remedies

Runny nose, body aches, scratchy throat, congestion? The chances are that you are getting a cold, or worse, the flu. But before you visit a medical center to try something which will lead to sleepy and anxious throughout the day, try these home remedies to treat those symptoms and feel energetic and fresh.


It’s essential to stay hydrated for the whole year as it increases your day to day working capacities. Remember to drink lots of water and other hydration drinks, which will help you feel better throughout the day. Don’t drink caffeine-based drink as it decreases your hydration when you are under effects of weather and may give you a false burst of energy, which can lead you to think of a sense of bitterness as you should be feeling the other way round to make effects.


Winters are usually arid. Try to use a humidifier if you have one which will help you maintain a humidity level ideally which is maintain a humidity level if you don’t have a humidifier is pretty easy, you can close all windows and allow the only exit of warm air and inflow of normal air rather than a cold breeze.


If you don’t take proper care, then you can get to a state where you get starting a headache on that you should start taking electrolytes to increase your hydration level. Use stevia-sweetened electrolyte packs and take two per day when you feel like you’re coming down with something, you should also continue to use them if you catch a cold or the flu. They are accommodating in staying hydrated and maintaining a proper water level in your body.

Zinc intake

The human body’s important part is the habit of consuming zinc. Bloods’ most important white blood cells are generated through the zinc part of the body. Research shows that zinc might help tackle cold flu and symptoms of flu. Zinc helps your body fight the flu virus and slows down the multiplication rate of the flu.intake of supplement or a multivitamin with zinc during flu season helps you a lot.

Drink herbal tea

Flu Remedies

Several herbs have natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. Oseltamivir was traditionally extracted from star anise (Star-shaped spice). Oseltamivir phosphate (better known as Tamiflu)helps to speed recovery from flu, which is usually prescribed by the doctors as well. Its antiviral properties are effective against some kinds of flu viruses. Antioxidant benefits and germ-fighting capability can also be seen in some other herbs. Herbal tea may help your body fight off the flu virus. Herbal tea can usually help with your senses in normal day to day life as well.

Apply essential oils

Some types of essential oils may help protect you against certain viruses and bacteria. One study found that tea tree oil helps to fight the flu virus by slowing or stopping the rate that the virus can use tea tree oil within hours of infection, in a study is was proven that it starts its effects immediately and can be used by adding some drops to your liquid soap and washes. Some commercially made mouthwashes include it as an ingredient.

Inhale steam

Breathing steam can help you with your nose and breathing capability and functionality of your lungs as well. You can use a vaporub or some neem leaves on to your steam water, which will help you recover very fast and fights viruses and your flu in your lungs and nostrils.

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