How to cut hair at home in this Lock-down Situation?

Haircut in lockdown

Ever since the Lockdown had started, we had lost track of our time, work, and even our mind. Isn’t it? Guess, what will be the next annoying thing that you will be struggling at home in this Lockdown? Yes, it is a HAIR CUT! Gone are the days when we will be relaxed on the weekend in the hairdressing shop to make our desired haircut. Now the shops are closed even though it is opened, and we can’t deny the harmful effects of visiting the hairdresser shop at this time of the pandemic situation.

So, is it okay if you just left your hair to grow as per its wish? Well, not as it won’t look right. If you are scrolling through social media, people are posting about their Bridal Hair looks and quarantine hair cut in their home. Have you ever thought about it? If not, now it will be the perfect time to cut your hair at home.

We know you will be confused among the tutorials and instructions for a haircut at home via the internet. It is not easy for everyone to grab the scissors just like that and do the work. Hence the details were listed to make a haircut at home.


Haircut in lockdown

It would be best if you used sharp and hairdressing scissors. A single mirror is enough if you are going to cut another person’s hair. But if you are doing your hair, then you need to set up two mirrors where one will be front and other at the back to view the end of your head. You may also require basic things as hairbrush and comb.


Before initiating the cutting, it is essential to wash your hair with shampoo and hair conditioner. Washed hair will make the process easy and straightforward. But it is not suitable for all people, and it depends on the texture of your hair. If its curly hair, then the hair can shrink once it is dried.

Dampen hair and clippers

It is not advisable to use the clipper in your hair in up and out the way. Before you cut the hair, the clippers should also be placed on the back of your head.

 Then you should dampen your hair to separate with section by using a comb. You can cut the tops horizontally while separating your hair locks. The simple way to dampen your hair often is by using a water spray bottle.

Start with trimming

As a beginner, it is not recommended to go for a full stylish haircut as it may cause drastic output. So, remember to begin with the trimming. Place the scissors vertically to make small cuts diagonally but not straight. In the case of short hair, you may use a razor. But if it’s longer, you should separate the hair in the middle to ease the process.

Begin with neck and ear

Getting rid of the hair in the neck region would be your first step, and it requires others’ help. Once the neck hair is down, you should move forward to the hair around the ears.

Cut your hair in the segment

Section your hair with the front and back of the head. Then you should separate two sections in each. The cutting should be beginning with less hair to manage the process smoothly. You should cut the hair in an equal amount in each section because you might not want to have patches in your head.

One step in a time

Don’t begin to cut a large part of your hair initially. It would be best if you started getting rid of a few hair strands at one step at a time. According to the famous hairstylist Stevens, we can cut more hair if it wasn’t enough. But it’s not possible to locate the hair again once it is removed.

Careful with the fringe

It would help if you cut the fringe only your hair is completely dried. If you cut it in its wet state, then it may look way shorter after it gets dried. Cut the sweeping fringe with the sharp tip of your scissor and avoid the blunt parts.

Every practice starts at some point, and it goes for your training on hair cut too. It would save you time and penny. No one is perfect in everything, and it is okay if you didn’t get it right for the first time. Once this global crisis is over, you will get the chance to visit the hairdresser to get your favorite hairstyle. We hope the information shared above will be quite helpful for you to evolve as the best hairstylist for you and your family.

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