PPE – Top Priority For Everyone In This Pandemic!

Frontline fighters such as healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses are at high risk of exposure to bacterial and viral hazards. It is really essential for them to use suitable personal protective equipment while giving treatment for people who have a viral infection. In the current situation, PPE has seen vast growth in the medical sector because of the coronavirus pandemic. Using PPE is prominent in every healthcare institution like clinics, labs, and hospitals. If you are using PPE is a proper way, it will be acting as a barrier between the human body and the virus.

The increasing demand for PPE 

The protective equipment for the healthcare industry perceives a great need among coronavirus pandemic all over the world since PPE is crucial for all the healthcare workers in order to fight against the virus. Face shields, gloves, masks, boots, headcovers are some of the PPE with huge demand.

The factors which are playing a major role in driving the market for the industry of PPE involves proper awareness and information about the safety, implementing safety rules, emphasizing worker’s safety in the workplace.

Available PPE for the healthcare sector 

A wide range of PPE is used for a variety of situations in this industry from toe to head. Here are some of the equipment which is used in the healthcare centers and they are as follows,

  • The goggles are used for protection against biological splashes.
  • The disposable workwear does not allow to penetrate any bio or chemical agent, and it is used for protecting the bodies.
  • Face masks such as N95 which are suitable to fight against the harmful virus, and it prevents the airborne disease from entering the body via mouth and nose.
  • Face shields will be acting as a barrier to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth of the user.

About using, removing and disposing of the PPE

You should know about the fact that PPE is the equipment that will protect you if you are aware of how to use them correctly and to dispose of it properly. Here is some guidance for using the PPE in the health care industry,

  • Gloves: You should choose the correct type and size while purchasing it. The glove should cover your wrists. When taking off the glove, you have to use your opposite hand to peel off it. You must hold the removed glove on the other glove hand. Dispose of it in the waste bin. Finally, perform hand hygiene.
  • Aprons: This product should be changed once after finishing the care activities, and you should use a new one for another person. While removing it, you should roll into a bundle with the inner side of the apron outermost. Then dispose of it in the clinical waste bin.
  • Surgical masks: It should be worn covering your nose and mouth. And it has to be used while performing any medical procedures. You can remove it using strings and dispose of it properly in the waste stream.

Closing Verdict 

There are many things you have to consider while giving protection to the safety and health of the nurses, doctors, and other staff who are working in the health care industry. Developing proper awareness about the usage of personal protective equipment will be helpful in tackling the hard situation. You have to follow each and every guideline for appropriate use as well as disposal.

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