What Are The Different Types Of Drilling Machines?

We come across the mechanism of drilling numerous times in our day. A lot of the products that we use today have used this technology at least once throughout their making. This technology is used at various scales, from construction to bone surgeries.

Drilling machines have various categories depending on their uses, like drilling machines used for domestic use or the ones used for constructing wells and tunnels and mines.

Different types of drilling machines are classified into rotary and percussive machines. These are the two types of mechanisms used to drill a hole. A rotary is a machine that does cutting and drilling of the object.

Whereas, percussive machines give blows of impact to create a hole. When a drilling machine is used to drill a hole for a screw, it usually uses the rotary method. Screw drilling machines also have a wide variety of equipment. They have accessories along with a variety of uses like screws, hammers, screw-tips, and work-pieces.

Different types of drilling machines:

  • Portable Drilling Machines – compact and most Versatile
  • Sensitive Drilling Machines – used for small holes 0.035mm- 15.5mm
  • Upright Drilling Machines – also called column drilling machines
  • Radial Drilling Machines – used for heavier work-pieces
  • Gang Drilling Machines – two or more drills mounted on the same table
  • Multiple Spindle Drilling Machines – similar to gang drills, used for repeating the same pattern of holes
  • Automatic Drilling Machines – used in production processes
  • Deep Hole Drilling Machines – for deep holes in special materials

Drilling is a work that needs the right machine at the right time and place. The machines are not interchangeable. They cannot be replaced carelessly. Different types of drilling machines are designed for specialized tasks, and they should be used in the right places Check out different tasks and their fuctions at drilling-it.com. While buying a machine it is highly suggested to understand the task that you want to carry out and then decide which machine is used for carrying out that particular task.

Every drilling machine has its drilling capacity. It defines the maximum diameter of the drilled hole possible by a type of drill bit. Auger, paddle, twist, self-feed, and hole-saw are the types of drill bits used for wood. While drilling metals twist and hole-saw drill bits are used. Diameter is an important factor that varies from small surgical or decorative size to big construction block sizes. The diameters in common portable drilling machines vary from 22mm to 51mm.

With technological advancements corded, cordless, and manual drilling machines have become available. Each type of drilling machine serves a purpose. Every kind of work-piece requires different treatment, and that gets monitored by the kind of machine we use.

The technique of drilling has been in common use for centuries, yet there are advancements taking place every year. The advancements keep making the use of the machines smoother, better, easier, and more intricate with every innovation.

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